The MRO division provides customized tooling designed for our OEM products. We always have over 1,000 P/N in stock, with a 2 year warranty.

We provide tools for your Airbus, Boeing, ATR and Falcon aircraft, as well as all French-built military planes and helicopters.

- Extractors and special wrenches
- Protection cones and special adapters
- Handling equipment
- Jack adapters
- Heavy-duty handling equipment
- Brake stand
- Strut removal truck
- Adjustment and testing systems
- Electrical ground continuity tester
- Adjustment and testing of proximity sensors
- Braking system unit control test
- Interlock pins
- Hydraulic test sets

No matter what type of aircraft you fly,
- whether you want to check the pressure on a shock strut,
- or top up the oil or nitrogen, with our hydraulic test kit, in just a few minutes your airplane will be back in the air.

Available with or without a pump, the hydraulic test kit meets the needs of both military and commercial aircraft operators. Maximum pressure 350 bar (5,080 psi).

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Hydraulic test set

Electronic test set for nose langing gear steering tests