Messier-Bugatti-Dowty's American plant rolls out millionth carbon brake disk

Walton, Kentucky, USA, June 16, 2015 


The Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (Safran) carbon brake production plant in Walton, Kentucky produced its one millionth carbon disk in early June.

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Safran's policy

Safran builds long-lasting, balanced relationships with our suppliers. They are selected according to demanding criteria in terms of performance, expertise and technological innovation. At the same time, we support them in a drive for shared growth, based on continuous improvement at all levels.

Safran's purchasing policy

Safran's purchasing policy is in line with our goal of excellence and competitiveness, and fully matches our industrial policy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. Over and above our demand for top-flight quality and on-time delivery, our policy is based on long-term, balanced and mutually profitable relations with our suppliers.  


Excerpt from the speech by Xavier Dessemond, Safran Vice President, Purchasing, during Suppliers' Day 2013, the first convention organized by Safran for its suppliers, held on November 22, 2013 in Paris.



Working together to boost performance

Whether large corporations or small businesses, suppliers are essential partners to Safran. We set ambitious objectives and expect them to commit to continuous improvement in competitiveness. In exchange, Safran deploys various tools and procedures to support our suppliers:

  • Responsible Supplier Code of Conduct, providing a framework for balanced, sustained relations;
  • Joint action plans, enabling our suppliers to improve their performance day after day;
  • SME correspondent/internal mediator, to maintain two-way communications.


Safran Purchasing: non-production purchases

Reporting directly to Corporate Purchasing, the Shared Services Center (SSC) "Safran Purchasing" handles non-production purchasing for all Safran companies. With some 250 buyers worldwide, it pools all indirect non-production purchases from 10,000 suppliers and handles a total annual order volume of €2.7 billion.


Ten purchasing categories

  • Safran Purchasing handles purchases in the following categories:
  • Construction, infrastructure, facility management & energy
  • Communications
  • Industrial & non-industrial consumables
  • Transportation, logistics and travel
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Design and testing services
  • Human resources, training and consulting
  • Capital goods
  • Cutting tools
  • Special tooling.

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Messier-Bugatti-Dowty suppliers


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The DK6000 application is available on our site. This application lets you securely download all your contractual documents and also consult additional services online, along with a list of approved Level 2 suppliers. This Supplier portal will progressively be enriched with additional applications.

General terms and conditions of access and use of Supplier Portal



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There are 3 types of GPC to be used as per the nature of the purchases that the Purchaser wishes to make:


  • The GPC "Aeronautical Supplies", English version Applicable to the purchase of aeronautical parts, services relating to aeronautical parts (machining, finishing, etc.) and tooling equipment linked to the development and/or manufacture of aeronautical parts.



The above mentioned GPC shall be used each time the Purchaser is a French entity and primarily in all other cases, unless the Purchaser and the Supplier (respectively each legal entity who issues and receives the purchase order) are not French entities and are from the same nationality. In this latter case, the Purchaser and the Supplier shall refer to any of the other applicable GPC listed below whichever appropriate as per the governing law of the Purchaser‘s and Supplier's country:


  • GPC Standard - M (for Mexican law), - for purchase orders issued by Messier-Dowty Mexico C.V. (Mexico). In Spanish or In English.


  • GPC Standard - NY (for New York State's law), for purchase orders issued by Messier-Bugatti USA, L.L.C (New York State).


  • GPC Standard - CH (for Chinese law), - for purchase orders issued by Messier-Dowty Suzhou Co. Ltd (China).



  • GPC Standard - GB (for English law) and – for purchase orders issued by Messier-Dowty Limited (England).